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Label Info

Essentia Mundi

Official url: http://www.essentiamundi.com
Location: ROM.

Description: Independent label releasing Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Transiental music.

Details: Essentia Mundi label was founded in 2005 primarily for releasing ABBILDUNG and its subprojects Fractaled and C. fieldechoes materials. The label is owned by C. and it is probably the first Romanian label dedicated to Dark Ambient, Drone and sub genres. The specifically among other labels worldwide is that it specializes in non-mystical thematic works, avoiding militant, political and "subject to time deprecation" themes. While the theme of a release is on a certain, carefully chosen direction, the music itself must remain open to the listener.

Essentia Mundi Artists

ABBILDUNG dark ambient and drone project using various instruments.
Fractaled dark ambient and drones exclusively on resampling and Computer Music research.
C. fieldechoes dealing with field recordings and it implements the transiental music concept.

Essentia Mundi Releases
Essentia Mundi Misc.

The label co-released EM000 with Ancient Beliefs label.

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