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Essentia Mundi: sound/noises, (ir)rationality, music, infinity, repetition. The "I" defined through interdisciplinarity
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Interdisciplinarity is the key

Sound art, visuals and science as an essential part of our conquest to better contour ourselves as the "I" entity. We tackle a multi-planar perspective to self-knowledge. An interdisciplinary approach to a complete self is not achievable without incorporating the vibration in audible spectra. I am through Sound. I am not complete without listening to sounds around me. Let the sound art be the (re)discoverer of you. Not everything is lost, here is hope.

In a sense, interdisciplinarity involves attacking a subject from various angles and methods, eventually cutting across disciplines and forming a new method for felicitous understanding of the subject. A common goal (understanding) unites the different methods and acknowledges an entire subject or problem, even if it spreads to other disciplines. (Wikipedia)

Conquer the infinite variety of noises

To convince ourselves of the amazing variety of noises, it is enough to think of the rumble of thunder, the whistle of the wind, the roar of a waterfall, the gurgling of a brook, the rustling of leaves, the clatter of a trotting horse as it draws into the distance, the lurching jolts of a cart on pavings, and of the generous, solemn, white breathing of a nocturnal city; of all the noises made by wild and domestic animals, and of all those that can be made by the mouth of man without resorting to speaking or singing. (Luigi Russolo - The Art Of Noise)

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